Agora Games

Agora Games works with game developers to build online features and web-based communities for video games. It has worked with publishers such as Activision, Konami, RedOctane, and Nintendo, and with game studios such as Vicarious Visions, Neversoft, Splash Damage, id Software, Vicious Cycle Software, 1st Playable Productions, and Gas Powered Games.

Games Launched

Over 40 AAA games have integrated Hydra to power the online gaming services.

Monthly Bandwidth

Hydra processes over 42 terabytes of player generated data every month.

Players Tracked

150 million players have played a game that has a Hydra-integrated feature on either next-gen consoles, PC, or mobile devices.

A few of our Partners

  • Namco
  • Nintendo
  • WB Games
  • Bethesda
  • 2K Games
  • Activision
  • Sony
  • Microsoft
  • MadGlory
September 2005
Users served: 50k
Agora Games Founded

We started the quest of building online gaming communities, both in-game and on the web.

October 2005
Users served: 200k
Hydra STUDIO Launched

Hydra appears on its first game, “Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock” with its first client, Activision

August 2009
Users served: 22.3m
MLG Acquisition

Sensing the potential with Hydra and Agora Games, MLG makes a move to acquire the company. Read the full story

January 2015
Users served: 150m
Hydra keeps growing

Adding to its total monthly, Hydra is powering 40 AAA game titles, appearing in front of hundreds of millions of gamers.

Open Source Projects

Oh yeah, we open source all day long. We’ve currently got nineteen open source projects out there, and that number is growing bigger all the time

Visit Our GitHub
  • Chai

    Mocking framework in Python patterned after Mocha

  • Halo Reach API

    Ruby Gem for interacting with the Halo: Reach API

  • Leaderboard

    Ruby Gem for creating leaderboards backed by Redis in Ruby


    Simple to use client library for interacting with AMQP brokers

  • Brightcove API

    Ruby gem for interacting with Brightcove Media API

  • ERRship

    Errship is a Rails 3.1 engine for rendering error pages in your layout

  • Bettertabs

    Helper for Rails that renders the markup for a tabbed area

  • improved_logging

    Improved Logging capabilities for ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger

  • stache

    Mustache template handling in Rails 3.x



Senior Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Production Coordinator
David A

David A

Senior Software Engineer
David C

David C

Senior Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Associate Producer

Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer at Agora Games, you will be working on our online game services platform called "Hydra Studio”. You will be responsible for creating complex data processing and presentation tools that integrate tightly with some of the industry's biggest game franchises. You will work as part of a highly talented team of producers, engineers, and business specialists to expand the Hydra platform.

We are looking for a candidate with the ability to quickly learn new platforms. We use many different technologies within Hydra, and while we don’t expect you to know them all coming in, we need a candidate who can quickly learn and be proficient with them!

Job Requirements:
  • Experience delivering large, complex, highly available software systems
  • Experience developing and operating distributed systems
  • Knowledge and practical application of design patterns, SOA, refactoring and software testing
  • Experience with web application servers, web development frameworks, proxy servers and relational databases
  • A detail-oriented, organized thought process and the ability to act decisively under stressful conditions
  • A proactive mindset and the ability to multitask and prioritize requirements
  • A self-motivated work process and excellent communication skills
  • An understanding of system optimization issues
  • Experience with system monitoring tools
  • Interest in working on-site at our office in Troy, NY or in an awesome remote office
Technologies we use:
  • Languages: Ruby, C++, Python, C#, Java, Objective-C
  • OS: Linux, Windows, OS X
  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ
  • Web: Rails, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, node.js
  • Misc: Chef, Git, Runit, SaltStack
Perks and Advantages:
  • Competitive salaries
  • Benefits: medical, dental, and vision programs for you and your dependents
  • Company-matching 401(k) retirement program
  • Flexible work hours
  • A brand-new computer when you start
  • An open and collaborative work space
  • We value a good work-life balance
  • Work on some of the biggest video games in the industry!
  • Located in historic downtown Troy, New York, close to several premier universities including Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute



359 Broadway, Third Floor, Troy, NY 12180