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Posts from July 2009

Jul 23

Job Posting - QA Engineer

By Nicole Plummer

Agora has an opening in our QA department, join the horde!!

Jul 15

Transformers: Battle for the World!

By Christian Arca

Our recent work on the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen DS game has been mentioned on Kotaku recently. To wit:

“The new Transformers game, like its DS predecessor, has an online web-site-based metagame that pits its owners against each other. And, as of today, the Autobot side is winning.” Read the entire article here:

And this:

“The conflicts are waged by players connecting their DS online to activate daily single-player challenges and then uploading their point tallies. Those challenges are associated with regions on a world map, and the battle continues until a faction claims all regions.” From this article: