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Sep 4

Go go Section8!

By Brian Corrigan

We just (as in 10 minutes ago!) launched the statistics portal for Section8, a first person shooter by Timegate and SouthPeak Games.  Go check it out at and join our clan while we still have a few spots open!

If you haven’t yet played Section8, you owe it to yourself to download the demo on XBOX Live or hit up GameStop for a copy.  The single player action is fun and the multi-player totally rocks.

Congratulations to both the team at Timegate our internal project team including:

  • Producer - Steven Flenory
  • Associate Producer - Mike Jodon
  • Lead Engineer - Eric Torrey
  • Contributing Engineer - Ola Mork
  • Interface/Frontend Engineer - Josh Childs
  • Lead Interface Design - Christian Arca
  • Interface Design - Elliott Haase
  • QA - Joe Falzano & Devon Smith
  • Systems Administrator - Jason Laporte
  • Visual Design - ID29 (Special shout out to our buddy Bryan Kahrs!)

Nice job all around folks.  Now get ready for the next round of features!