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Jan 29

Hackathon 13

By Sam Toews

Agora’s most recent 24 hour Hackathon kicked off Thursday, January 16th and concluded Friday, January 17th. Check out the link of each project for the full presentation.


Steve added public facing Rest API documentation for Hydra studio, including references for each available endpoint.

He also worked on a sample website that is using our Rest API. The website interacts with our Accounts (sign in/registration), Profiles, Achievements, Broadcasts, Leaderboards and Friends features.


Aaron worked on a “real world” example of how to use the analytics framework he recently started.


Brad worked on and demonstrated Hydra Studio’s server-side code working with real code.


Andrew experimented with a single-page browser app communicating with Hydra via XHR requests in Javascript. It was compiled from Clojurescript with DOM updates via the Reagent library built on the React library.


David C. worked on extracting out various bits of logic from our leaderboard library that retrieves leader data and trying to create Lua functions in Redis from them. This would allow us to have a more complete transaction when retrieving leaderboard data from Redis.


Jack attempted to migrate Agora’s front-end framework from ZURB Foundation version 4 to version 5. For now, he decided to put off merging it into master, since he ran into some obstacles with the JavaScript migration, and the new features of version 5 didn’t include anything that he felt we urgently needed. For the time being, he considers it an exploratory project.


David A. worked on porting a demo OUYA game to android, and added Hydra Studio Matchmaking and Realtime features. By the end of Agora’s Hackathon, he was able to demonstrate a mobile to mobile realtime match.

Jan 19

Game Face

By David Czarnecki

“Game Face” will be our weekly round-up of our internal and external open source work here at Agora Games. Internal open source refers to our public projects that you can find over at our Agora Games GitHub account. External open source work refers to projects that we contribute to in off-hours and may or may not have anything to do with video games because we’re swell folks like that. Pretty simple right? Here goes…

We’re playing a bit of catch up since migrating our blog.


chai provides a very easy to use api for mocking/stubbing your python objects, patterned after the Mocha library for Ruby. A couple of important issues have been addressed in the 0.4.6 and 0.4.7 releases. As of 0.4.6, immediately after running a test, we teardown the stubs. This fixes any problems with exception handling, such as UnexpectedCall, when methods involved in exception handling, such as open, have been stubbed. In 0.4.7, we addressed a regression in 0.4.6, so that reporting on unmet expectations is correct.

Contributor(s): Aaron Westendorf (GitHub, Twitter) and Owen Smith (GitHub).


confirm-with-reveal is a replacement for window.confirm() using the Reveal modal popup plugin from Zurb Foundation. In the release we did on 2014-01-16, we made the jQuery plugin compatible with jQuery.noConflict();.

Contributor(s): Jack Letourneau (GitHub, Twitter)


stache is our Rails 3.x and Rails 4.x compatible Mustache/Handlebars Template Handler, with support for partials and a couple extra niceties to make sharing the raw templates with client-side javascript a little easier. As of stache 1.0.3, the library is now compatible with Rails 4.x and you can now access RSpec-assigned instance variables in view classes.

Contributor(s): Matthew Wilson (GitHub, Twitter) and kianw (GitHub).


torus is a service implementing the Carbon protocol to store time series data using kairos and an HTTP server to query and analyze the data. As of the 0.6.2 release, we’ve added support for SQL and Cassandra databases in schemas, added a tool for migrating data betwen schemas, fixed a significant performance issue in all endpoints, improved the “Quick Start” documentation, as well addressing a number of smaller issues. The CHANGELOG goes into more detail on the 0.6.0 through 0.6.2 releases.

Contributor(s): Aaron Westendorf (GitHub, Twitter)

Jan 14
Jan 11

Happy New Year

By Steven Flenory

Happy New Year, from Agora Games