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Mar 21

Game Face

By David Czarnecki

“Game Face” will be our weekly round-up of our internal and external open source work here at Agora Games. Internal open source refers to our public projects that you can find over at our Agora Games GitHub account. External open source work refers to projects that we contribute to in off-hours and may or may not have anything to do with video games because we’re swell folks like that. Pretty simple right? Here goes…


handlebars.rb is a set of Ruby bindings for Handlebars.js. One of our engineers, Matt Wilson, is now a maintainer of the project.

Contributor(s): Matt Wilson (GitHub, Twitter)


leaderboard allows you to build leaderboards using Redis. The leaderboard (Ruby) and leaderboard-python libraries were updated this week to fix an issue with the TieRankingLeaderboard class, to allow for member data to be passed to the change_score_for(...) method, and to add an :include_missing option in leaderboard request options to change whether or not to include missing members in the result.

Contributor(s): David Czarnecki (GitHub, Twitter)

nginx Google OAuth

nginx-google-oauth is a Lua module to add Google OAuth to nginx. We released version 1.1.0 this week which integrates a pull request for security and usability enhancements.

Contributor(s): Eric Schwimmer (GitHub)


stache is our Rails 3.x and Rails 4.x compatible Mustache/Handlebars Template Handler, with support for partials and a couple extra niceties to make sharing the raw templates with client-side javascript a little easier. The 1.1.1 release includes gugfixes from many new contributors and some expanded test coverage!

Contributor(s): Matt Wilson (GitHub, Twitter)