Guitar Hero

Xbox 360/PS3/Wii


  • Hall Of Fame
  • Personalized profiles with in-game scores
  • Challenge system
  • Customized leaderboards
  • Tournaments


In Guitar Hero World Tour, players were empowered to create new songs with the guitar, bass, and drums. Agora developed the infrastructure to process, store, upload, and play GHTunes on the community site. The GHTunes are ranked on the site by popularity, and also sortable by genre of music, console type, song name, and author.


For the Guitar Hero family of games, Agora built a cross-platform system to hosts tournaments. In total, roughly 24 products are simultaneously hosted from the eight different Guitar Hero games using the three completely different SKUs. Tournaments are held daily throughout the Guitar Hero Community. Players can sign up based on their skill level and choice of instrument, then compete against thousands of other players for a chance to win prizes. Prizes range in value from wristbands to autographed memorabilia. The tournaments are completely data-driven; once a player sets up a tournament, the remainder of the process is automated all the way up until a winner is declared. Ladder-based, bracketed and private Guitar Hero Tournaments have all been hosted on the system.

Tour Groups

Players can create and join Tour Groups, regardless of which console or Guitar Hero game they play on. Each Tour Group is ranked based on their cumulative "Groupie" count so anyone can see how the group members are progressing in the game and on the community site. Each Tour Group is also given a special private forum that only its members can see and post in.